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As you may have noticed, in the last few months the town criers of the Internet have been warning us about an impending "Armageddon"; the day when search engine rankings would change forever. In keeping with their customs, Google made some rather dramatic changes to the way that websites are gauged when accessed by mobile devices; the mobile friendliness will  'be-all' and 'end-all' for websites.


Without the right amount of detail available for your mobile customers - i.e. responsive and mobile-friendly site , you’ll now be penalized quite heavily by the search engines for your transgressions. If you aren’t sure how this might be affecting you, here is a brief review of the changes that you can expect to see coming your way.

Desktops Are Safe

Worried that your expensive online empire is going to crumble? Then you don’t need to worry. These new algorithms will only affect those who are actually using a mobile device to search for you – laptop and desktop users, rejoice! However, with one third of all online searches carried out on mobile devices you don’t want to be missing out on that slice of the pie.

You’ve Had Your Time

The timeline for the change was first made clear to everyone back in February – everyone has had a chance to build their proverbial Ark in anticipation of the flood. Because it has such a huge impact on the way that search engines are going to work for the future, Google actually pre-announced this one, a rarity! If you haven’t yet made a start yet, you are running out of time.

It’s Going To Be Biblical

The changes that are en route will be hard going. If you aren’t ready to embrace the new mobile-friendly reality, you could find yourself missing a large chunk of your clicks and purchases thanks to these changes. Make sure that you are aware of the importance of mobile searches, as the update is being rolled out to rather catastrophic effect for those who aren’t ready for it.

Still Not Too Late

Now that it has landed, you need to be prepared to get things moving fast in the right direction - make your site responsive and mobile friendly. The change will be coming into force over the next few weeks; you still got some time!


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